Admission into secondary education is based on passing the final basic-level examination at the end of Grade 8. Secondary education includes Grade 9 and Grade 10. Assessment and promotion is based on examinations throughout the year and one final year-end exam. The subjects offered by the school are: Nepali, English, Compulsory Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health Population and Environment Education, Optional Mathematics and Accounts. Secondary education concludes with an external Secondary Education Examination (SEE) conducted nationwide by the Ministry of Education, Office of the Controller of Examination, Nepal. WP gives particular focus to students attending the SEE for better performance and has always been receiving excellent performance of the students in the SLC/SEE results since the first batch of 2053 B.S. Every year more than 110 students appear for the SLC/SEE and the success rate is almost 100% out of which 99% secure the first division (or higher GPA).