Our Vision

WP aims to be a prominent academic institution in Nepal not only by providing excellent academic education but also by equipping students with relevant practical life skills to meet the contemporary needs of the globalized world. Believing that education is a powerful agent of social engineering and transformation, WP aspires to empower its students by inculcating in them a sense of compassion, moral values and social tolerance. Recognized as one of the oldest schools in the Chandragiri municipality, WP wishes to continue its academic journey with the fusion of academics, curriculum, faculty, technology, management and infrastructure, thereby imparting a solid background for future leaders and drivers of Nepal’s development.


In order to achieve our envisioned mission and vision goals, WP as an academic institution, highlights following crucial objectives in every day operation:

  • Provide a high-quality teaching and learning environment tailor-made to meet the educational needs of the students.
  • Make the institution a center of academic excellence through promotion of students’ technical knowledge, potential and skills along with enhancing human dignity and human values.
  • Promote and join hands in solidarity for sustainable development of Nepal by investing in quality and affordable education. 
  • Instill the value system of the society in the students, andcapacitate them to make critical and rational analysis in responsible decision making.
  • Develop and enhance students’ thoughts and creativity to use resources and opportunities within Nepal for their prosperous future.
  • Encourage students via relevant life-skills to stay in Nepal and contribute to the country’s development by exploring diverse opportunities.