Anju Dixit, Principal

With more than 30 years of academic excellence, WP has, to a greater extent, adopted a pragmatically scientific and research-oriented approach as a part of its teaching methodology. We believe that sound education is an investment towards the future of Nepal. Students should always be encouraged and given opportunities to explore their own creativity through various practical projects which are aligned with the national curriculum. WP not only strictly follows the national curriculum but also improvises certain aspects to meet the future demands and skills required by the dynamic and fast-moving Nepalese society. Through various projects, our students often work together with their peers in groups, which contributes in developing their leadership qualities so as to prepare them for their onward journey. We, as a family, are proud to say that WP has striven not to treat its students as ‘parrots’ and strongly believe that every student has unending potentials of originality and creativity.

With the recent introduction of Grades 11 and 12, we have moved further in a right direction to contribute more for the successful future of our students. Students can choose any streams from Science, Management or Law, based on their interest and ambition in life. We, along with our highly academic and trained faculties in each of these fields, will take the responsibility of guiding and molding students to adeptly fit in the subjects which they would like to pursue in the future. By entrusting your children to us, you are ensuring a better future of your children and taking a solid step in shaping their future career.

I would like to reiterate that WP is a school where students will be provided with the skills that goes beyond the classroom thereby helping them to realize their actual potential.

Mrs. Anju Dixit, Principal