Mr. Dhruba Raj Gyawali
Executive Director

Education is the most powerful means of social transformation. For a country like Nepal, which has ample impending opportunities within the country, young students often go abroad in search of a better future. WP, however, has always tried to create a learning environment which motivates students to stay in Nepal and work towards enhancing the socio-economic condition of Nepal. For this, WP primarily focuses on students to become creative and independent thinkers so as to prepare them to step out and contribute to solving the real problems of society through their engagement in broad streams of Science, Management and Law which they can get equipped in Grades 11 and 12. We hope to gradually improve each of these faculties to meet the professional needs by introducing more recognized, practically oriented teaching and learning methodologies imperative to build the designers of Nepal’s future.

We aspire to create a positive atmosphere of discipline, respect and tolerance among the students to nurture their socialization skills needed in society for cohesion and development.