West Point School is one of the few progressive private schools in Nepal which believes that education is the most powerful agent of social transformation. In years of continued service, West Point (WP)has always strongly purported the importance of academic institutions to impart pragmatic and community responsive education in the country.

Established in 2043 BS (1985 AD) in the lap of Chandragiri Hills, WP School boasts more than 30 years of quality education service in Nepal. Buoyed by this proven track of academic experience, WP has recently introduced+2 in Science, Management and Law from 2076 BS (2019 AD), embarking on a new academic journey with the aim of paving a successful way forward for Nepal’s future workforce as bankers, doctors, nurses, paramedicals, agro-techs, engineers, teachers, and lawyers. WP believes that it has all the amenities together with highly experienced and trained teaching faculties to instill the abilities and values required for successful careers of our students. As education is the basic human right of all, WP firmly believes that education should be accessible to all members of the community. WP’s motto, thus, has always been to stand out among the quality and affordable education hubs in Kathmandu, thereby easing the economic burden on parents and students.