Science stream, in Nepal, has historically, always been a first choice to majority of the secondary school graduates. With the rapid boom of interest in other streams in recent decade, this stream still holds crucial relevance to most of the students who want to pursue their careers in medical, engineering or basic, environmental and life sciences. In this group, WP intends to provide top quality education, with our adept faculty, in the fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. The goal here is to instill a sense of scientific and mathematic logic in the students which will act as the core as well as universal foundation should the student choose to further his career in any of the aforementioned career paths. We are also running new well equipped labs which are highly imperative in the practical knowledge of science. 

Grade 11Grade 12
Compulsory SubjectsCompulsory Subjects
Optional Subjects(Any One)Optional Subjects (Any One)
Computer ScienceMathematics