The objective of +2 in management is to impart fundamental knowledge in basic areas of management to develop a strong foundation on management studies. WP faculty in management will guide students to decide on what aspects of business management studies would interest them in the future. In this level, students will be introduced to various aspects of business management like general management, accountancy, finance, office practices and marketing.

After graduating +2 in Management, most students can choose to enroll at bachelor’s degree in management stream or may get starting level jobs in banking institutions or administrative posts in any private/public institutions. These entry level / internship jobs can help students to get an overview of the field and what aspects to pursue in future.

WP will enable the potential of students to tailor their education with business life realities through a wide variety of skill oriented courses thereby helping to create professionally useful workforce and socially valuable citizens in the field of management studies.

Grade 11Grade 12
Compulsory SubjectsCompulsory Subjects
Optional Subjects(Any One)Business Studies
Business StudiesMathematics
MathematicsComputer Science
Computer ScienceOptional-II
Business Mathematics