Unlike traditional concept, legal profession is not limited to court litigation i.e. settling disputes between two parties but has emerged as the overall arching subject for all technical fields and social science. The modern legal profession encompasses all sectors such as corporate, courts (judges/lawyers), diplomatic, environmental, governmental/intergovernmental, human rights, medical, non-profit, politics, social research, technological and many more. The study of law requires a wide-range of legal knowledge, creativity, and updates with recent developments.

Legal education in Nepal is currently gaining a momentum after the decade-long conflict and recent restructuring of the country into the Federal system which requires many legal professionals involved at the local level to the federal bureaucracy and also in non-governmental sectors. Similarly, with the rapid globalization and invention in modern technologies, the role of international lawyers has become significant. As such, the horizon of law is not only limited to national jurisdiction but also internationally.

With the help of this course, WP will help students to get a glimpse of overall legal scope in their society and then to develop the foundation of students’ future legal career by instilling legal skills and values. Students will also get opportunities to meet some of the highly qualified lawyers with national and international experiences as a pointer towards the real primary experience in the field.

Following are the subjects taught in Grades 11 and 12 in the law faculty:

Grade 11Grade 12
Compulsory SubjectsCompulsory Subjects
Compulsory EnglishCompulsory English
Compulsory NepaliLegal Drafting
General Principles and Theories of LawProcedural Law
Nepalese Legal SystemCivil Law and Justice and Criminal Law and Justice
Constitutional Law and Nepalese ConstitutionHuman Rights